Coolest Beavis and Butthead Cake

My husband is a big Beavis and Butthead fan so I asked him to print off a picture that he would like me to do on a cake. Firstly I baked a 12″ square Madeira cake and covered it with buttercream.

I used ready to roll icing you buy from the supermarket to cover the cake and added colour using food colour pastes. Firstly I covered the whole cake in blue icing (the buttercream helps it to stick). Then I put baking paper (grease proof paper) over the picture my husband had printed off for me and traced around all the lines. Then I cut out the individual parts, hair, face, t-shirt and sofa.

I coloured the icing using food colouring pastes to match the colours on the picture. I rolled out the dark blue icing for the t-shirt and placed my cut out baking paper on top. I used a sharp knife to cut around the t-shirt so I then had a t-shirt made of icing to fix to the cake. I placed it in position and fixed it using cooled boiled water. I repeated this process for each piece of the picture building it like a jigsaw puzzle.

Once all the pieces were in place I used a black icing pen to draw all the details onto the shapes coping the picture I had. I cut out a white speech bubble from the ready to roll icing and again used the icing pen to write on it. I chose a typical thing that Beavis would say to put in the speach bubble. My husband loved the cake and so did his friends at work who he shared it with!

Since doing the cake I did have the idea I should have put brown coloured icing around the outside to make it look like the old fashioned TV’s adding button controls etc so the picture would look like the TV screen.

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