Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake

First I baked a buttercake using a double mixture and tinted it yellow for Spongebob’s Birthday Cake colour. I baked it a lamington tin. I printed a Spongebob mousemat of his face and then trimmed it to the right proportions using a pic for a guide. I then traced this onto greaseproof paper and drew his shirt and pants at the bottom to complete the template, making sure all details were traced.

I then traced 3 of these, one just outer shape, and cut around the edges with a ripple effect for sponge. The first template I placed on cake and cut around with a sharp knife. I then made yellow buttercream icing with a few drops of glycerine for shine and iced spongys upper body {all but shirt and pants} and sides and placed in refrigerator.

I then traced around template features {not pants or shirt} with green writing gel and pressed onto cake. I then outlined all features with black writing icing,and put back in fridge. I then cut shoes out of cake bits and rolled arms and legs and hands out of marzipan tinted yellow. I then filled in his mouth eyes and spots and nose with blue, red and green writing icing and piped white {icing mix, water, glycerine} into his eyes and teeth.

I then put back in fridge and cut of shirt and pants of template 3, and traced around shirt and pants on back of template and pressed onto bottom of cake. I iced shirt white, pants chocolate and put back in fridge tofirm. I then added tie,and shirt with black writing icing and filled in tie with red. I cut belt out of strap licorice and placed on cake. Assembled legs and arms, iced shoes and placed on legs. I used toothpicks to tidy up any rough edges and put him in fridge to harden then wrote birthday Wiah for my son.

He loved his Spongebob Birthday Cake!

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  1. This is so cool. I am having a Spongebob themed party for my 7 year old twins. This cake will be perfect. I just hope mine turns out as good as your.


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