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Cool Homemade Beer Bottles in a Beer Bucket Cake

I made this Beer Bucket Cake for a friend’s birthday party this past week. The cake itself is a 6 layer white cake made from scratch. Each layer was colored either white or blue. I used home made butter frosting and food colored fondant strips on the sides. I then made the ice from sugar/corn syrup in a ice tray. The beer bottles were also a sugar/corn syrup mix.

I made the beer bottle mold from an actual miller bottle. All the labels were made at a local bakery with edible photos. That’s the only part I didn’t make. The cake was a hit at the party and most people thought it wasn’t really cake!

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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone had any recipes on how to create a miller light cake? My mother just past away 6 months ago and my dad’s 64th birthday is coming up in June. He’s a miler light man and i think he would get a kick out of a miler light cake


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