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Coolest Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake

I made this Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake for my son’s 8th birthday, he is a Ben 10 nut. I started with a butter cake from Greens, double mix, and baked it in a rectangular cake pan. The top of the watch was a chocolate cake from Greens as well, baked in a regular round cake pan.

Looking at a picture of the watch I cut out pieces to match and ate them. I colored the butter icing that came with the butter cake mix and piped it over the cakes, using the different colors to match the watch. The buttons and the white strips are marzipan icing although you could use the colored icing piped.

My son absolutely loved this cake and so did everyone else, and as a first time cake decorator I was so happy with the way it turned out.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake”

  1. Hi, My son and I were just searching for a Ben 10 cake on the net and came across yours- He loved it! I can’t bake to save myself, we live on the Gold Coast if your interested in making another one we would love to pay you to make it??

  2. How did you make your buttercream icing black?? everytime i use black it only comes up grey! lol. btw cake looks AWESOME, job well done :)


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