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Coolest Beyblade Birthday Cake

My 6-year-old son loves Beyblades, so we had a Beyblade Battle birthday party. We went through all his Beyblades to find his favorite one, as we had a few battles in the Beyblade stadium. Finally, he chose Orion as his favorite and I did my very best to emulate his favorite Beyblade Orion.

I baked 2 8″ rounds and layered them. I made 4 colored frostings- grey, purple, yellow and blue. I created the hexagon in the center and then frosted the entire cake with grey icing. I star-tipped the purple and screamed a swirl effect.  I used decorative gel to design the center.  Then, added the blue dots and wrote on the cake board.

It was a super simple cake to make and he loved it! We added cupcakes with all the same colors to go along with the cake since we had a big party! The cake was a smashing success with my birthday boy!

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