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Cute Blue Barbie Birthday Cake for a 3 Year Old

This Barbie birthday cake is the confidence my 3 year old daughter showed in me. How a little thing can also make you realize “nothing is impossible”.  All kids love their special day- birthday period. When growing up they have these phases where they start liking a character (cartoon) and then their liking keeps changing. My daughter first used to like “Thomas & Friends” which was the theme of her 1st birthday party. It was a store bought cake.

Then she started liking “Mickey Mouse”. None of the cake shops make a character cake (at least where we live). I asked quite a few cake shops around. They just give a square cake and a toy figurine on the top. Which I feel doesn’t really look like a theme cake. So I thought why not make my own. Of course then I was a novice when it came to cakes. So I got a Mickey Mouse cake mold and made it with the help of my friend. Then I realized how easy it was!

That’s when I decided the next time I am doing it on my own. The following year my daughter started liking “Sofia- The first”. She loved her gown, the purple color. So I started getting a hint that this was my next cake for her 3rd birthday. I started getting ready for it- got the basic icing set and frosting, watching videos, practicing icing techniques. I wanted to keep it simple as this was my first time and did not want to invest too much. I was also nervous about the reaction of the crowd that was invited for the party. But thinking of my daughters expectation I thought “anything for my baby “.

My daughter was so excited to see it. She couldn’t wait to show it to everybody. Though it doesn’t look professional it was a big hit. It also tasted as good as it looked. After all a homemade should look like a homemade.

This is how I did it-

Step 1: Assembling

I took a Barbie doll as I couldn’t find a bigger Sofia doll for a cake for 25-30 guests. I didn’t want to invest in a cake mold. So I took a round Pyrex bowl which fit on top of a round cake and should look like a princess gown. Baked a “Eggless Chocolate cake”. Yes, chocolate cake was my daughter’s demand and we have a lot of vegan friends. I was worried how the texture of the eggless cake would be or will it even hold the shape. Leveled the cakes and assembled. Wrapped the doll with a plastic wrap, made a hole on the top to fit the doll.

Step 2: Icing/Decorating

Started icing by giving it a crumb coat. The icing kit I got had just 4 standard colors. So I made the purple color with what I had till I got the perfect purple color which resembled Sofia’s purple gown. I used a toothpick to outline the design and started decorating with the star tip (as I only had 3 tips in the kit) and it was the easiest. I loved how it looked so made use of the rest of tips and got this wonderful –Call it whatever- “Barbie/Doll/Sofia” Cake.

Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake

Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake

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  1. This cake looks amazing and that too chocolate cake, yum, I love the idea of using a pyrex bowl and the star tip icing .I am definitely going to try this


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