Coolest Birthday Bouquet of Flowers

The vase is a 6″ white almond sour cream cake. I cut a half moon in the top and squared off the bottom.  I used a #12 tip to make the lip of the vase and a #3 for the dots. I had a total of 18 cupcakes in all.  Using the 1M tip I made purple and blue hydrangea flowers. The pink was made from using a #125 tip and little edible pearls. The white was the 1M tip again in a rose pattern. 

The orange flowers were made from using a 104 tip to look like rose petals. I then filled in the gaping holes with the leave tip using green and a hint of yellow food gel. All the flowers and leaves were made with butter cream. It was my first time making and I hope to make more. They are perfect for Mothers Day, birthdays or any day that needs to be brightened.