Coolest Cupcake Bouquet Cake Idea

I saw this Homemade Cupcake Bouquet Cake idea online one day and had to try it. I scaled it down a bit. This bouquet requires mini cupcakes, toothpicks, foam ball, vase and some silk flowers, or sugar flowers if you prefer to fill in the spaces. Bake and cool 48 mini cupcakes (you will have extra, but this allows for breakage and the occasional OOPS! that happens along the way).

I used a 4.5 inch green foam ball (white Styrofoam ball works too, but I found the green foam to be a little easier to work with – whole ball, not the half of ball) found at a craft store and whittled the bottom half down to fit into my vase/flower pot. The top half needs to stay in rounded shape to create the look you are going for. I covered the ball in tinfoil so the foam wouldn’t get onto the cupcakes.

Place the covered foam ball into your vase and check for stability, these cupcakes get heavy once you start to stick them on!

Decorate the mini cupcakes any way you wish. You can use candies to create a flower, you can use a variety of solid colors, the choices are endless. Insert a toothpick into the cupcake and place near the bottom of the foam ball. If you can, push the toothpick in at an angle, otherwise gravity will take over and your cupcake will slide off the toothpick! Create a ring of cupcakes around the bottom of the ball.

Work your way up trying to place the cupcakes as tightly as possible without squishing them. Once you have all the cupcakes on, fill in the spaces with flowers, or other decorations to match your theme.

Very fun centerpiece idea.

Homemade Cupcake Bouquet Cake Idea

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