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Coolest Birthday Casket Cake

This Birthday Casket Cake I made for my uncle who was turning 45. Previously I had done an over the hill themed cake, so I wanted to do a one foot in the grave cake. That idea did not work out so well when I tried to find a way to get Ken to stand up over a grave. He was just too top heavy and my ideas for getting him to stand up looked odd.

After a few moments of “constructive venting” on my part, my mom suggested a casket cake. It helped that he worked with my other uncle as a casket maker so the cake worked on many levels. Hahaha it’s a 3d cake get it?!?!

So anyway I started with a regular sized cake pan my mom had at her house. Did I forget to mention we were about 70 miles out of town at my mom’s lake house so supplies were limited. So anyway, I used a standard yellow cake mix and cut the finished cake in half. I cut the center out of one half and placed it on top of the other with a layer of icing as glue. I trimmed the edges to resemble a casket. The cake did not originally have a foot stone, but my Ken doll was too tall so I improvised. I used just a standard butter cream icing to ice the casket with.

I covered Ken with black icing to resemble a suite and placed him in his final resting place. I think it turned out OK, and he loved it.

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