Coolest Birthday Casket Cake

Homemade  Birthday Casket Cake

This Birthday Casket Cake I made for my uncle who was turning 45. Previously I had done an over the hill themed cake, so I wanted to do a one foot in the grave cake. That idea did not work out so well when I tried to find a way to get Ken to stand … Read more

Coolest Astrological Birthday Cake

Homemade Astrological Birthday Cake

This Astrological Birthday Cake was created for my mom for her birthday as a representation of her astrological sign. She is a Taurus and yes this is a Lion, I never said I was not special. When I saw the picture of a similar cake in a magazine I knew she would like it and … Read more

Coolest Under the Sea Spongebob Birthday Cake

Homemade Under the Sea Spongebob Birthday Cake

This Under the Sea Spongebob Birthday Cake was made for a friend’s grandson. He was turning 5 and as many 5 year olds, he had an irrational passion for a certain yellow sponge. My inspiration for this cake was a talking stuffed toy he would be receiving for his birthday. I was originally going to … Read more

Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Party Cake Design

Halloween Pumpkin Party Cake Design

I made this Halloween Pumpkin Party Cake Design for one of my uncle’s for a Halloween party he was having. He had purchased some party invitations and favors from a party store and wanted me to create a cake that followed the theme of his party. I used the invitation as my guide for the … Read more

Coolest Halloween Witch Cake Idea

Homemade Halloween Witch Cake Idea

This cake was called a Halloween Witch Cake Idea, even though she is not an ugly spooky witch. I made it for a Halloween party my class was having at school. FYI I am also a massage therapy instructor at an allied health school where I live. Anyway my students had seen some of my … Read more

Coolest Travel Trailer Retirement Cake

Homemade Travel Trailer Retirement Cake

This Travel Trailer Retirement Cake I made for a friend-neighbor of my mother’s who was retiring. He was planning on spending a great deal of his retirement time at their travel trailer near my mom’s lake house. I had several ideas to start with but I kept going back to the idea of a 3D … Read more