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Cool Homemade 3D Blues Clues Birthday Cake

This is my Homemade Blues Clues Birthday Cake that I made for my best friends’ twins. The cake is a double layer 9×13. After icing, I used the Wilton spray color green and sprayed the entire cake. I cooled the cake for about 15 minutes prior to and after spraying the cake. I used green icing and a Wilton tip as accent around the base of the cake. I used a straw to cut out tiny circles of yellow fondant to make the dandelions in the grass.

For Blue, I made a batch of Rice Krispy Treats and hand shaped his body and head separately. I then covered him in pre-dyed blue fondant. I used a circle stencil and blue Wilton color spray to spray on his dots. I used a wire coat hanger wrapped in fondant for his ears. I should have put them in the fridge to harden after I had gotten the fondant on the hangers properly. I didn’t which is why there visibly a lot of work done with the ears. I used stick (like lollipop sticks) to secure the head to the body and cut out his mouth, nose, and eyes out of fondant.

This cake was a lot of fun to make. Once Blue had eyes, he and I became good friends. It was sad to see him go but I’m happy that the boys liked their cake.

Homemade Blues Clues Birthday Cake

Homemade Blues Clues Birthday Cake

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