Coolest Girl Scout Cake

My daughter had an end of the year girl scout party and so yes..a cake was in order. We decided that for a bigger presentation statement we would make the cake two layers tall. Plus that gives you more of a 3D look and plenty of room to decorate!

We made all the fondant badges and flowers the day before in order for them to set in time to color them with the eatable food coloring markers. It is so easy to work with the fondant. I just buy the pre packaged stuff and roll it out like your playing with play-dough. Plus you get to be a kid again and create to your hearts content.

It was so fun creating this cake using fondant to cut and make look like the badges she earned that year! We used food markers to color the badges. I also rolled out fondant and cut the girl-scout symbol out for the top part of the cake. It was such fun putting all the fondant badges on in the end and watching this cake come alive. My daughter and I also made cupcakes with all the girl-scout girls names on them that were in the troop that year.

It was definitely the hit of the party!! Have fun with it, we did.

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