Coolest Bratz Doll Birthday Cake

I love this website – such a great FREE resource! My friend and I made this Bratz Doll Birthday Cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday party.

I hired a Wonder Mold bowl to bake the cake in. I thought I could just use a deep bowl, but the woman at the cake shop advised me to hire the tin as it has a tube through the middle so that the cake cooks evenly right to the centre. I had bought a Bratz doll for the birthday girl, so I removed it from the packet and wrapped the legs in Gladwrap.

We pushed the doll into the cake, with her legs at a slight angle so she was not too tall. My friend iced the cake with butter icing, and piped on the pink flowers. I think she did a brilliant job! The blue icing flowers and pink edible beads were from the local supermarket. We didn’t know where to stick the candles, so we covered a square of cardboard with tinfoil and sat the cake and candles on it.

The birthday girl loved her cake, though she did seem a bit confused when she opened her present to find a Bratz doll box with clothes and accessories but no doll! This photo was taken in the laundry, as that is the only safe place we could hide the cake during the party.