Creative Homemade Bruce the Shark Cake

I made this Bruce the Shark Cake for a friend’s 70th birthday. He is a swimmer, and his name is Bruce, so it seemed apt. I made 2 beautiful carrot/Jaffa cakes in 22cm dia, and 24cm dia round cake tins. The smaller was used for the face with a small amount sliced off the top above his brow. I drew up the stencil of fins, body and tail from the other round cake.

I made 4 times volume of butter icing, keeping a quarter uncoloured, and colouring the rest blue. I carved/added/iced for depth in the face & nose, and used kool mints for the eyes. After doing the blue areas, I covered the white face/nose area in white smearing into the blue. I used black icing writing in a tube from the shop to do the eyes, and details. I used white chocolate icing writing for the teeth, but I think there could be a better product as it got a bit “melty”.

It took a while especially working in this hot climate, but the surprise for this 70 year old kids was worth it! I finished the look with a long candle coming from the side of his mouth. When Bruce blew out the candle it smoked away for a bit and looked so funny!

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