When my daughter told me that she was planning a ‘Bubble Theme’ birthday party for my 4 year old grandson, my first reaction was “What kind of cake can I make for a Bubble theme?” I even tried to get her to change the theme! Lol

After a little research I came up with some ideas for a Homemade Bubbles Cake and I really liked the way it turned out.

At first I had planned to make a bubble bottle with an over-sized bubble blower our of gum paste/fondant. But I simply ran out of time to make them. Instead, I simply poured out the bubbles from a store bought bottle of bubbles and thoroughly washed them. On the computer I created the new label that said “Hunter’s Bubbly Birthday”. Printed it in color, cut it out and glued it onto the bottle. Then tied a ribbon on the bubble blower and called it good.

I really liked the end result and it is probably one of the quickest cakes I have ever made. Hunter loved it. And a 4 year old’s birthday with a bubble theme truly is a lot of fun!