Coolest Budget Sesame Street Birthday Cake

The cake part of this Homemade Budget Sesame Street Birthday Cake was super easy and cheap. I bought 2 boxes of cake mix (I did strawberry and the confetti-vanilla), and baked each in a 9-inch round pan. For the purple icing, I bought plain grocery store vanilla, colored it with Whitman’s food coloring, and lathered in on the stacked cakes with a layer in the middle.

Next came the part that was time consuming (to say the least). I used the pre-made white Whitman’s fondant and Whitman’s food coloring and rolled out the pieces in all of the colors shown. Then, I grabbed my son’s Sesame Street books as a guide to making all the characters and put them on top of the cake (I actually saved them after the party to put in his “baby box”).

The “Jackson” candles were bought at a party store. It was a hit and everyone loved it!

Homemade Budget Sesame Street Birthday Cake

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