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Coolest Bumble Bee Birthday Cake

I made this Bumble Bee Birthday Cake for my baby girl’s first birthday. Her nick name when she was little was Izzy bumble bee, so a bee was an easy choice! We just used packet cake mix – Green’s butter cake and iced it in butter icing. The body was made in an oval tin and the wings were from a heart shaped tin. The tins were different depths but I think it looked okay like this.

We used black licorice straps to make the stripes on the bee body. We trimmed down a licorice strap to highlight the wings and make the antennae. We used M&M’s for decorating the wings and the eye. We used musk sticks for the legs. The bee stinger (not seen in this photo) was a licorice bullet.

I baked the cake, my sister (who had flown in to Melbourne from England especially to see my baby turn one) iced it and my husband decorated it – a real family affair. My little one loved the cake and blew the candle all by herself.

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