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Coolest Bumblebee Camaro Birthday Cake

I made this amazing Bumblebee Camaro Birthday Cake last weekend for my son’s 7th birthday. He loves Bumblebee as most little guys do. I had never before worked with fondant of any kind and was a little leery. Many people said it was very difficult; I didn’t think it was though. Would I work with fondant again? Yes, in a heart-beat. Even in hot, muggy, southeast Texas in June.

I made the cake the night before, kept it wrapped and started the fun in the morning. It took me about 3 hours to carve, frost, and decorate the cake. I cut the bottom piece about 10″ long and 5″ wide, smeared a little butter-cream on and topped it with another piece about 1″ shorter and narrower. I hand carved the cake how I thought a Camaro looks and then frosted with butter-cream (keeping some aside to keep white and to color gray for detailing).

I kneaded and colored the fondant with paste coloring. The standard yellow wasn’t dark enough and I added just a touch of red to deepen it. I also colored some black for the windows and detailing. I had Red hots for the rear lights applied with glitter red gel (red gel for the side details too, wish I could post more photos on here). The tires are Oreos covered in black fondant, detailed with gray icing for the rims (tap down the frosting with a wet paintbrush for a smooth look) and dragees for the rivets.

To apply the tires, I carved out a little of the cake where they wheels were to go so they would sit inside a “wheel well” of sorts. That way they didn’t look like they were sitting on the outside of the car. I made tread on the tires with a sharp knife all the way around too.

The rear-view mirrors I just pinched and formed and stuck a toothpick into and slide into the side of the car. I even added some gray frosting to them to make them look like real mirrors.

To really finish it off, I brushed water on with a very soft brush to make it “show-room fresh.” That shine lasted about 3 hours. BTW- it fed 10 children and 3 adults. We didn’t make really huge slices, but nobody complained and there was cookie-dough ice cream as well. My son was thrilled- that’s all that mattered to me.

P.S. I made my own fondant using this recipe- Made more than enough to cover this cake.


14 thoughts on “Coolest Bumblebee Camaro Birthday Cake”

  1. Thank you so much for all the details on the cake. I am having a birthday party for my 8 year old brother who is obsessed with Transformers and was looking for the perfect cake. This is definitely it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. The cake is really great, when my son saw it he told me I want a birthday cake just like that. Can you please tell me the size of the cake before you did the shape please?

  3. As far as the size of the cake itself before I carved it, I would say it was 10-11″ long X 5-6″ wide X 5″ tall. Remember, the top layer I made a little smaller and it was like a small tier on top. I really had to think it out as I have several glass pans and didn’t want just a solid cake- my son wanted frosting in the middle. Just play with it. I baked one cake mix and divided it between a couple different glass pans. This part really isn’t that important- don’t feel like you have to follow the pan sizes on the back of the box. Just make sure you grease and flour the pans really well. If you want a solid cake- go ahead and make it in a loaf pan. You can even make it serve more people by just making two boxes of mix. One box feeds about 12- but I got 10 kids and 3 adults our of mine- the cake and frosting were rich and we did have ice-cream too. Just stack rectangles till you get the size you want.

  4. I absolutely love the cake! I love all of the little details in it! You must have a lot of patience, I would just have a cow!

  5. I need to make a bumblebee cake for my son’ birthday next wknd. August 8th 2009.
    How did you get the shape of the car? Can you give me more step by step instructions, I made my daughter an amazing castle cake for her birthday, and my son wants a bumblebee cake… Need suggestions please.

  6. Loved this cake! It’s totally awesome! I have 3 boys and a nephew who want transformers this year for their cake. All their b-days are within 2 weeks of each other so we do one party. A REALLY BIG party! Could I get more step by step instructions please? Basically I need to know more on how you got the cars shape and detailing. I can bake like a champ but need help on the decorating part.

  7. Sorry ladies, I didn’t know there were more questions. lol

    I shaped the cake by stacking layers and frosting filling. Then, I basically free-form/hand carved them. I went on a wing and a prayer on that one. :)Just try your best to keep everything in proportion.

  8. I think you did a beautiful job on this cake. If your not selling cakes you should be. Not everyone has the talent and the time it took was really reasonable. Great Job!!!

  9. Thank you Jana! :) It was really an easy cake, and I’m a little surprised I can say that. It didn’t take that long and my son really helped me quite a bit which, as you may know, means taking a little longer when small hands are involved. Anyway- thank you!

  10. This cake is amazing! I live in Austin, TX, would you like to come make me the exact one? lol. So I went out and actually found a car cake mold that’s a good start to carving the Camaro shape. Also, since I’m no “Martha”, I purchased the Fondant and am going to color it with the gel. Hopes that this will turn out ok….It’s my first time with Fondant!


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