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Coolest Bunnies by the Bay Cake

I was trying to come up with a cake idea for my son’s 2nd birthday and make it special and relevant like all cakes should be. I realized my son’s most prized belonging is his Bunnies by the Bay bunny blanket, which he calls “Bun-Bun”. So at the last minute I found the perfect cake idea and this was the end result! It was actually really simple once I figured out how to make the head.

Luckily it was close to Easter so I was able to find an Egg shaped cake pan in stock at a local store. It was also easy to find a variety of different size stuffed bunnies in the stores with the perfect floppy ears and I bought a dog/baby blanket in the baby department for the blanket portion of the cake (had I had more time I would have looked for a bunny that wasn’t pink).

I removed the stuffed dog from the top of the blanket and used the ears and arms from the bunny. I trimmed a bit off each egg half and iced them together. I propped the cake up on an angle using cardboard wedged behind it and under its “chin” and then iced it.

I used pre-made icing with this homemade bunnies by the bay cake to ensure I had enough time as I wasn’t sure if the cake idea was going to work. I piped the icing using a tip to give it the “fur” look. I had to keep refrigerating the icing because it was melting and the icing wasn’t quite peeking the way I wanted it to. I used pink and brown Wilton icing tubes for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Very simple! It was a surprise for my husband and he LOVED it as well (he knew how special the bunny is to our son).

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