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Coolest Butterfly Princess Birthday Cake

I made this butterfly princess birthday cake last year for my friend’s daughter Meher’s birthday who turned 10. The cake was a light strawberry flavored sponge cake with custard cream and fresh strawberry chunks in between the layers.

I normally don’t like to cover the whole cake with fondant because my friends and family members don’t like the taste of too much fondant. Personally I think covering the whole cake with fondant makes the cake taste extremely sweet and that overpowers the taste of the actual cake. But I like to use fondant to decorate the cake. When I make a cake (I only made couple of cakes and all of those  were for my very close friends or family members) I like to serve the cake by myself. So I make sure I serve the appropriate piece to the guests. Normally children like to have the pieces with fondant in it.

For this particular cake I made the dress and the petals with fondant and imprinted the texture on them by rolling on a textured table mat. I had to bake 4 rectangular cakes and trimmed them into the butterfly shape . The cake was quite big. Meher was really excited about it. Everybody liked the cake specially because of the fresh strawberries inside which complimented the custard cream.

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