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Coolest Cactus Flower Cake with Spaghetti Quills!

This cactus flower cake was for a housewarming the church gave for my daughter. It fit right in with the southwest country theme of the party. Everyone thought it was a real cactus and no one wanted to cut it. LOL!

The cake was made in dark chocolate and covered with lots of buttercream applied with a large star tip. It was pretty tasty.

I made the hot pink flower with fondant.  The cactus quills were broken uncooked spaghetti and simply stuck in groups of 3 frequently all over the barrel of the cake so that it looked very prickly.

It doesn’t show in this picture, but the cake sat in a shallow terra cotta flower pot plate filled with crushed oreo (no middle), crushed graham crackers, and sugar to resemble sand for presentation.

The cake was pretty much the conversation piece and a great time was had by all!