Coolest Flower Birthday Cake Ideas

I made this flower birthday cake for a 70th birthday. I wanted something pretty but whimsical. The flower basket is baked in a steamed pudding pan (a small bundt pan would work too) and I made the roses, little flowers leaves and bumble bee from colored fondant. The fondant decorations must be made a few days ahead to dry before being used on the cake.

Flower Birthday Cake

Ladybug and Flower Birthday Cake

Cake by Cassie L., Decatur, AL

Flower Birthday Cake

For this flower birthday cake I used the Wilton Dancing Daisy pan for the flower cake, and the Wilton Mini Ball pan for the ladybug. All icing is Buttercream. I used a star tip for the majority, and a writing tip for the details on the ladybug. I used a grass/hair tip for the grass.

This is my favorite cake to make because both kids and adults love it!

Flower Pot Birthday Cake

Cake by Kathy P., Clermont, FL

Flower Birthday Cake

I got this flower birthday cake idea from this website but I want to take it a step further. This was for my daughters 2nd birthday and I wanted to make cupcakes instead of a flower birthday cake. Also, I made extra cupcakes for the kids to decorate themselves.

I used my daughter’s fingerprints to paint the flowers on the flowerpot. I used 2 size cupcakes; the top one with the bear on it is an XLarge size for the birthday girl and the rest are regular size.

If you go this way you will need 1 XLarge cupcake and 14 regular size cupcakes. You’ll need tissue paper and a Styrofoam ball for the flowerpot. Fill the pot with enough tissue paper to lift the Styrofoam ball halfway out of the pot. Place tissue paper around the ball to keep it stable.

Once you’ve got it in place set a cupcake against the ball to get an idea of your placement. I used the Wilton buttercream-icing recipe. I made 2 batches. You might want to make more; I didn’t frost the cupcakes before I did the floral looking frosting and after a few hours the frosting started coming off in places. Luckily it happened in the back and was easily put back in place (it just didn’t look as pretty).

I don’t know if doing a basic coating will help but its worth a try. I used tip #129 to give it the carnation look. To get the multi color look, mix your colors in the pastry bag – the colors come out looking really nice. You’ll need lots of toothpicks to hold your cupcakes in place. Don’t bother trying to pre-place the toothpicks, you’ll just want to move them later as you start attaching the cupcakes.

In the open gaps I just filled them with frosting. A friend suggested making mini cupcakes to fill in the gaps (maybe next time). I made the leaves out of green pipe cleaners, curling them around a pencil. Next, I found some cute bug buttons that I glued to the pipe cleaners and flowerpot. I also placed a few on the cupcakes. It was actually very easy to decorate and assemble.

Simple Flower Birthday Cake

Cake by Ethel B., Cape Coral, FL

Flower Birthday Cake

This flower birthday cake I made for my 8-year-old granddaughter. She wanted flowers all over; this is my rendition of that. She likes these kinds of flowers, which she draws for me.

I made a two layer 9×13 inch lemon cake. I cut out fondant flowers (pre-made fondant— the night before); lots of colors and different sizes. I bought cookie cutter flowers at the craft store. I put green icing in between the layers.

The next morning I put yellow icing on the flower birthday cake…using buttercream. Then I just started to put the pieces of flowers together. I made a picture of how to put the flowers on the cake …it helped. The 2D and 3D flowers are glued together with icing. You have to play with the flowers to try to get a good pattern.

The stems are made of fruit roll ups, which I cut in different sizes. I cut green ice cream cones for the flowerpots and put crushed Oreos in for dirt and added lollipop flowers. They can be made or bought. I used green spearmints for around the bottom of the flower birthday cake. Butterfly candles lie on the sides of the cake. One important tip: do not refrigerate the fondant flowers.

This was the first time I used fondant. The flower birthday cake was so pretty… my granddaughter loved it!!! I also used the box to write a saying about flowers in front of the flower birthday cake.

We took the cake to a skating rink for the party. Everyone enjoyed it.

Pretty Flower Cake

Cake by Beth K., Sonoma, CA

Flower Birthday Cake

I used white frosting and then tried to figure out how to use the leaves painted with white chocolate (the only leaf that seems to work is a lemon tree leaf— kinda waxy and shiny); anyway, I colored the white chocolate pale pink and made some a pale green-place in the center of the flower birthday cake.

I made a little frosting balls/pellets in yellow (it looks beautiful!). You can make the leaves WAY in advance— I even saved some that I did not use and used it on something else. Very elegant cake and looks nice with silver setting etc. – champagne is a must!

Colorful Flower Birthday Cake

Cake by Krista R., Mason, MI

Flower Birthday Cake

This is a spin off of one that was already submitted…. I got the idea from here! And I loved it so much. I just thought these pictures would give other viewers ideas on how to implement the flower birthday cake idea.

I used two 10″ rounds for the base of the large purple flower. Then I made a template and cut the actual purple flower out of a sheet cake. It is slightly larger than the 10″ and draped over the sides a bit. I actually had to use toothpicks on one of the petals because I didn’t flop it on quite centered, but it ended up adding nice dimension.

The pink flower is an 8″ petal pan. The mounds between the 2 flowers were made from a small Pyrex bowl, as was the mushroom top. The base of the mushroom is done with a cupcake. I had extra fondant (my first experience!) and cupcakes, so I did those up too. This flower birthday cake was SO much fun to make!

Flower Pots Cake

Cake by Dawn P., Calgary, AB

Flower Birthday Cake

I created this big flower birthday cake pot by cutting slices off of various sizes of round cakes and then standing them on end. The discarded pieces are then used to be the area under the “dirt”.

Mini pots are made with cupcakes, and a mini round cake stacked on top. The “dirt” is so realistic, that 2 ladies actually poked their fingers in it claiming that it was real dirt! Take chocolate buttercream icing; mix in concentrated coffee, black food colouring and coconut. Throw in any chocolate cake crumbs, too, for extra lumpiness! Visit to see more of my cakes!

Flower Birthday Cake
Flower Birthday Cake

Butterflies and Flower Birthday Cake

Cake by Carey F., Langley, BC, Canada

Flower Birthday Cake

This flower birthday cake was fun and fairly easy. It was for a 4-year-old girl. She wanted butterflies on a flower. I used rolled fondant and made 2 butterflies a couple days in advance. I used a stencil of a butterfly and held it in a piece of paper slightly folded to dry. Then I shaped the body and used colored toothpick tips for the antennas. I attached the body with a smidge of buttercream icing when it was all dry.

The flower is hand drawn with a toothpick, onto the crumb coat of a 2 layer 8″ round cake. I then outlined it and filled it in with pink stars. The middle of the flower birthday cake is yellow over piped stars to give it a raised look. I then cut out a stem and leaf in fondant and added the butterflies and some sparkles to the flower.

It is simple and very “girly”, she loved it.

First Birthday Flower Cake

Cake by Carie M., Centerton, AR

Flower Birthday Cake

Since this was our daughter’s First Birthday we wanted something special and unique. After inviting immediate family and a couple friends we had 30 guests, so we needed to be able to feed everyone cheap. I was able to make these cakes for under $10! (2 cake mixes, 3 frostings, 1 tube of green frosting, and 1 box of small colored decorating frosting tubes).

The center of the big flower is two – 9-inch rounds stacked, the petals are three – 4-inch rounds cut in half, and the leaves are two – 4-inch rounds cut in half and stacked. I colored white frosting with some food coloring and decorated with sprinkles.

The stem is green frosting from a tube. The small flower (the one my daughter ate) was one – 4-inch round stacked on one – 6-inch round. I used colored frosting and decorated it with the small tubes of colored frosting. The stem is also green frosting from a tube.

The kids ate the petals and leaves and the adults enjoyed the center of the big flower. It took several hours to create this flower birthday cake since I only had one pan of each size, but is was totally worth every minute!

Simple Flower Cake

Cake by Stacey H., Sun City, CA

Flower Birthday Cake

This flower birthday cake started with a round 12X2 as the base. We covered it with white buttercream frosting. The grass is made with tip #16 and dragged. The royal icing flowers are then added to complete the grass garden look. We purchased the royal icing flowers at a local bakery supply to save time.

The daisy cake on top was the Wilton pan. We covered the cake in white butter cream. The outline is done in tip #3 and the flowers and center are star tip #16.

Blooming Flower Pot Birthday Cake

Cake by Courtney R., Union, MO

Flower Birthday Cake

I love this flower birthday cake pan and have used it many times before – it’s by Wilton. Once the icing starts to dry on the pot, I rub it with tissue paper to give it a smooth effect. I made roses and drop flowers using buttercream frosting and Wilton colors.

Cake by Kimberly C., Wetumka, OK

Flower Birthday Cake

For this flower birthday cake, I used fondant, colored it pink, and cut it with Wilton fondant cutters. Let them set up over night in the refrigerator.

I baked a chocolate cake, covered it with fondant, “painted” stems and leaves on it with green food color gel, and put green icing around the bottom and one side of the top then put white icing around the rest of the top.

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