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Coolest Flower Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

For this flower cake, I baked 16 sugar cookies all shaped in different flower shapes and decorated them with royal icing. After the icing was dry I glued Flowers rods on the back of the cookies with candy melt. I baked a 10-inch round cake and after it was cooled I cut out a 4-inch hole in the center (you can also use a ring mold).

I iced the cake and put a foam block in the center covered in foil paper. I inserted the cookies in the middle. It is a centerpiece and everyone loved this flower cake.

More Flower Cake Ideas

Cake by Deneen L., Stratford, CT

Flower Cake Photo

The center is made in a round cake pan and the petals I cut from another round pan. There are butterflies sticking out of the cake also.

Cake by Maggie A., Torrance, CA

Flower Cake Photo

I used a simple lemon cake for the caterpillar and mango cupcakes for the flowers in the cake pot. I used store bought cake mixes in both flavors.

I decided to do a garden theme 1st Birthday for my baby, Izel. I wanted it to be a bright happy day complete with a bumblebee pinata, flower clustered yellow balloons, and ladybug placemats.

To go along with the theme I wanted to make it easy to serve individual cupcakes but also wanted an unforgettable birthday cake. So, I combined the idea and decided to arrange the cupcakes in a real flowerpot. I used a cake pan I bought years ago for small individual princess cakes to make the caterpillar cake.

I already had an empty flowerpot. I washed and dried it and used a pottery pen from a craft store to write my message onto the pot.

I used store bought vanilla and lemon flavored whipped butter frosting to decorate the cakes. I colored some of the vanilla frosting with food dye for the flower petals and the green “vine” motif on the caterpillar.

Next I used pastel-colored M&Ms to decorate the caterpillar using blue for the eyes and green for the feet. I made the happy smile using a small portion of a gummy worm and one pipe cleaner for the antennas. I simply wrapped both ends of the pipe cleaner around a pencil, gently slipped the pencil out and bent the pipe cleaner in half to form a “v” shape and stuck it into the head of the caterpillar. For the flowers on the cupcakes, I simply filled pastry bags with the colored frosting and piped petals to form the flowers – just like drawing flowers on paper.

Now here’s the secret of assembling the cupcakes on the flowerpot. I used a large Styrofoam ball from a craft store and one pack of crumpled tissue paper (green). First, I filled the pot with lightly crumpled tissue paper (about half). Next, I inserted the ball and secured it with the rest of the crumpled tissue paper – placing it around the ball. And here’s the trick…I used simple toothpicks inserted all over the styrofoam ball (about 1/3 of the way into the ball). Finally, I inserted the center bottom of each cupcake (puncturing the cupcake paper) into the protruding part of each toothpick and I had an instant and unique birthday cake.

For the final ensemble I placed both the flower pot and the caterpillar onto a flower-shaped cake platter from a party supply store. Enjoy!

Cake by Laurie L., Dedham, MA

Flower Cake Photo

I wanted to do a special cake for my mothers birthday so I attempted the basket weave, which for my first try – not bad. I used whipped cream icing so it was very easy to handle. I made a large cupcake and placed it on top of the cake, frosted it and then added the roses. That way I could take the roses off for everyone to enjoy the cake thorn-free!

Cake by Elizabeth H., Acworth, GA

Flower Cake Photo

My daughter Katie wanted a pink and purple flower cake with Tinkerbell on it. She had been Tinkerbell for Halloween.

I purchased Shrinky Dink paper and used a photo of Katie (as Tinkerbell) for the cake.

Flower Cake Photo

Cake by Courtney R., Union, MO

Flower Cake Photo

I made this cake for my mother’s birthday. I used the Wilton flower cake pot pan. I also used the Wilton’s homemade butter cream frosting and colors.

Once the frosting started to harden, I took a thin piece of tissue paper and put it on top of the pot part of the flower cake. I used that to gently rub the icing smooth and used my fingers to mold the edges giving it that 3D effect.

The flower cake pan had daisies in the molding but I like roses. I used tips 67 for leaves and a 104 and 12 for the roses and bow. I used a flower nail for the roses.

Cake by Courtney R., Union, MO

Flower Cake Photo

I did this flower cake bunch free hand. I used two nine-inch cake pans. I made the homemade Wilton butter cream frosting and colors. I used tip 67 for leaves, 104 and 12 for roses, and 96 and 32 for drop flowers. The blue flowers are made using the teal coloring; it makes them very bright and cheerful.

Cake by Courtney R., Union, MO

Flower Cake Photo

This flower cake is made from the Wilton small oval pans. It bakes up like a regular 2 layer cake. I used homemade butter cream icing tinted in colors: leaf green, brown, orange, teal and pink. The leaves of the flower cake are from icing tip 67. The roses of the flower cake are tips 12 and 104 and I used tip 16 for drop flowers.

Cake by Allison H., East Amherst, NY

Flower Cake Photo

My aunt loves to garden, so I made her a flower cake.

I made the flower cake base out of two layers of 9″ cake pan and decorated it with basket weave using butter cream frosting. I made the flowers using royal icing and a flower nail.

For the flower cake handle, I cut out a strip of cardboard from a cereal box and glued wire to one side using a hot glue gun. I then bent the cardboard and wire, frosted it with butter cream, and stuck it into the flower cake.

Flower Cake Photo

Cake by Mariela C., Birmingham, AL

Flower Cake Photo

I made this flower cake for one of co-workers bridal shower. The flower cake idea came from a bridal bouquet.

I used a yellow box cake mix and a large round Wilton cake pan. The colors of the wedding were purple. I made the roses in Royal icing both in lavender and purple. Place them on wax paper, some in an egg carton (to keep shape) and others leave out to create a more natural look.

I made a separate batch of butter cream icing in lavender for the round cake. After icing the large cake with Lavender icing, I placed the roses on top (make sure to cover the top). Then in a separate batch of green butter cream icing, use a Wilton leaf tip and make leaves in between roses.

The next step of this flower cake is to use a toothpick to make a design around the side of the flower cake. Using a Wilton round tip, pipe little balls over the design. Using the same tip. I also made little balls along the bottom of the flower cake.

Flower Cake Photo

Cake by Roxanne K., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Flower Cake Photo

I used a box mix and baked the flower cake in the largest spring form pan. I lightly frosted the flower cake and then traced the outline of the flower on the cake. I dyed my icing and decorated away!

I like to offer the party guests a choice of chocolate or white cake and so I did the large flower cake in chocolate and the little types of flower cake in white.

Cake by Beth D., Springfield, IL

Flower Cake Photo

This flower cake was made with three round 9″ cakes, four cupcakes, fondant, and both white and chocolate butter cream icing. It also has junior mints and crumbled brownies without nuts.

Start with the cupcakes. Bake and ice four cupcakes and decorate with flowers cut out of fondant. Use the left over white icing to color yellow and make centers for the flowers. You must ice the cupcakes before putting the fondant flowers on or they won’t stay.

Next bake your cakes and let cool. Then bake your brownies (these are easiest to crumble if they are baked a day ahead of time). Next ice your cakes with chocolate butter cream. Wrap wooden dowels with green colored fondant and attach leaves. Let dry.

Place cupcakes on top of skewers (you will need to cut a slit in the bottom of the cupcake, do not take paper off). Insert the skewered cup cakes in the top of the iced cake. Sprinkle crumbled brownies on top, and put Junior mints on the base.

This flower cake was made for my daughters Girl Scout Bridging ceremony.