For my granddaughter’s 4th birthday party, she decided on the Disney princesses theme with  Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle as her main characters. My daughter-in-law purchased the princesses to later be given as her gifts and I baked the cakes using Wilsons classic wonder mold. All three cakes were different flavors. The Barbies were actually too tall for the mold so we had to remove the legs to make it work ( I have had the mold for many years and have used it to make many cakes for several little  “princesses”).

I used butter cream icing and various Wilson tips for all of the decorating and details. For the bright colors, I used Wilson’s paste tints. I used brown sugar for the sand around Ariel, and colored sugar for the glistening highlights on all of the cakes. Ariel proved to be the most difficult  because my granddaughter wanted her to be in her mermaid form.  If I had to do that one again, I would use rice crispy treats to build the tail.

Her father pitched in and helped with some of the detail work on that one.  I had never heard of marshmallow fondant at the time or would have used it as decorating 3 cakes with butter cream and a limited time proved to be a little stressful. Everyone loved the cakes and the birthday girl loved them so much she didn’t want them cut. Even the boys attending were impressed and couldn’t believe the cakes were edible.

My son, her father,  crafted a wooden princess themed  bean bag toss and prince/princess cut out for photos.  I’m far from a professional cake decorator but love making cakes for family and friends. Sometimes, just for fun, I have baked cakes in this mold for  my granddaughters and daughter to decorate themselves.  Just seeing the smiles of the little ones makes all the effort and frosting stained fingers worth it all.