Coolest Caramel Apple Cake

Although this Caramel Apple Cake looks more appropriate for Halloween, I made this cake for Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to bring the usual pumpkin or apple pie so I thought I’d make one for my family.

I made the cake and caramel from scratch using splenda so my mom, who is diabetic could eat it. I use 2 Pyrex 1 qt bowls to bake the 2 halves. I had to carve the top of the stacked cakes because they don’t come out of the bowls perfectly round. I put caramel between the layers. Then poured the remaining over the cake. I chopped some walnuts and pressed it against the lower half of the cake, and stuck a big craft stick down the middle of the cake to finish off the caramel apple look.

My family, especially my mom LOVED the cake. As always, I hope my cake inspires you to try it yourself.

Happy Baking!

Coolest Caramel Apple Cake

Coolest Caramel Apple Cake

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  1. To the one who made the birthday craramel apple cake, how did you do it using Splenda, every time I try to make a cake for my husband. Who is diabetic, the cakes never rise. I would really know how to do this, my husband loves cake.they used to have cake mixes with no sugar but I cant find then
    M anymore, would be really grateful,,


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