Coolest Apple Cupcakes

My niece’s birthday came up the same day as our bosses day party at work, so I was obligated to make two cakes in one night. I saved time by just making my niece cupcakes. I was looking for design ideas and came across these apple cupcakes on the internet. They were extremely fun and easy to decorate.

The actual cupcakes are apple flavor and I just used apple flavored buttercream icing. Sprinkled green sugar over each cupcake and flipped them to remove the access sugar. Used honey sesame sticks for the stem (instead of pretzel sticks.) Mint leaves for the leaves. Used a spoon to scoop out bite marks and placed the signature black sesame seeds to mimic seeds.

I wish I had more time and energy to be more precise and create a more birthday themed design, but after making the “Big Cheese” bosses cake, I didn’t having much mental energy left to be creative. Everyone still loved them, it’s hard not to love a cupcake, they are always pretty no matter what.

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