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Coolest Fruit and Vegetable Cake for the Local Craft and Produce Fair

The actual cake was made using an all in one lemon sponge recipe (12oz SR flour, 12oz caste sugar, 12oz margarine, 6 eggs and lemon concentrate flavouring) baked in a 12inch cake tin. Once the cake was fully cooled it was cut in half through the middle and steps cut into the top half, the cake was filled with lemon butter cream and jam and the outer of the cake lightly covered with butter cream before being covered with the relevant coloured sugar paste.

Some light brown coloured sugar paste was combined with gum tragacanthe rolled out and cut into 4 thin srips for the surround of the top of the cake.

The longest and time consuming part of this cake was the making of the different fruit and vegetables for decorating the top, all the fruit and veg were hand made using different coloured sugar paste.

Once they all dried, finishing touches were made to them using food coloring and a  fine brush to give definition.

After everything was fully dried, the fruit and veg was arranged on top of the cake and kept in position using edible food glue. To finish off the cake it was sprayed with an edible clear glaze to give it it’s shine.

I entered this cake into my villages craft and produce fair yesterday (which is something I have never done before).

Amazingly, I  won first prize in my section, best in section and the overall Best in show award. Hurrah!

craft fair cake

craft fair cake

rewards for my cake