Coolest Carnival Ticket Cake

I made this Carnival Ticket Cake (along with popcorn cupcakes also featured on this site) for a 7 year old boy’s birthday party that had a carnival theme. I searched a ton ticket images online and there are literally thousands of varying designs out there to choose from! This design is something I came up with based on multiple images I found.

I used 2 Duncan Hines cake mixes baked in an 11×15 pan to make 2 layers of chocolate cake with white frosting in the middle (this size pan would normally be for 1.5-2 cake mixes) but I just used 1 cake mix each time for slightly thinner layers. Each layer was chilled in the fridge before stacking. Once the 2 layers were stacked I used a round cookie cutter to remove the 4 corners from the cake. I’d recommend removing slightly less of each corner than I did in order to have it look more authentic. I added a crumb layer of white frosting to “seal” the cake and to make sure the corners were covered to avoid any loose cake getting into the final layer of frosting.

For the frosting I used Duncan Hines Whipped White frosting tinted blue. I used the Wilton teal color and kept adding it until it was dark enough for my taste. (I didn’t want it a baby blue color!) Once the cake was covered I piped the trim and words using the same whipped white frosting tinted black. The “number” on the ticket was the birthday boy’s birthdate and his name was written on the other end of the ticket. Along the top and bottom I piped black “stars” but any number of designs/lines could be done along the edges.

The final product turned out pretty good for my first attempt at a cake like this. The popcorn cupcakes added just the right touch to the theme and everyone thought it looked great!

The cake was displayed on a large board surrounded by individual “popcorn box” cupcakes I’d also made. (See Coolest Popcorn Cupcakes #31) for those.

Coolest  Carnival Ticket Cake

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