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Coolest Carousel 1st Birthday Cake

The Carousel 1st Birthday Cake itself is a 10″ round vanilla cake filled with vanilla butter cream and strawberry preserve, coated with vanilla flavoured fondant.

I used a rocking horse cutter for the ponies, cutting the rocker off the bottom. I painted the manes, tails, hooves and saddle with lustre dust mixed with a little vodka which gives a lovely metallic effect. When dry I attached the ponies to drinking straws with royal icing and inserted into holes made with a plastic doweling stick.

The centre of the carousel is a cardboard centre from the middle of a clingfilm roll, covered with plastic and then I wound glitter ribbon around it. This was then inserted into the centre of the cake to support the top. The top of the carousel is a 10″ iced cake board.

The cake was made for my great niece Scarlett Rose. Thank you for looking.

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