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Sweet Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake for a 14th Birthday

My son requested a carousel birthday cake for his 14th birthday.  Usually the kids pick something that they are into at the time, but my oldest has begun challenging me just to see if I can do it.  I like to make the whole cake edible, no plastic parts or Styrofoam to hold it together.  This cake was challenging because I needed to hold up the top of the carousel with something edible but that would support it.

I used a cake cone which I frosted.  The top is Wilton candies melted in a flat plastic lid to create the correct size and shape.  I lucked out and found chocolate horses at a nearby candy store, but animal crackers or cookies made with a cookie cutter would work also.  Various other small candies were used to decorate.  That is my son’s favorite part of my cakes, all of the extra candies added to make it look special. His guest loved it and it was the right size that everyone got some candy along with their slice of cake.

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