Coolest Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake for my Daughter’s 1st Birthday

This is my daughter’s 1st birthday carousel cake. It is made from two white chocolate mud cakes (home made from a Women’s Weekly recipe), which were separated with gold cake boards, clear cake rods, and a large plastic cake rod in the center.

I covered the cake with white choc ganache and then fondant. The cake rods were covered with gum paste and sprayed with edible gold paint. The horses were made from white candy melts and a silicon horse mold, then painted with pink candy and edible gold paint. Horses were then secured to the poles with sugar glue. It was fun to make despite having little bench space to work with and a very loud family in the room at the time.

My daughter seemed to like it although didn’t really know what it was, the other kids enjoyed it though, and I was told it tasted good too.