Amazing Homemade Blue and Green Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this Carousel Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday which was a carnival themed party. The base is two 12 inch round cakes and a 10 inch round cake on top of that. Inserted through the center of the base cakes is a glass sugar jar ( like the one’s in a diner etc.). I also used the same type jar to support the top cake which I decorated to blend it in.

For the canopy top I used a scalloped bundt cake pan and a tiny 3×3 cake pan for the very top where the number 3 candle rests. I used buttercream icing to decorate and had piped some decorations ahead of time using royal icing. I also used metallic edible sugar pearls and edible gold glitter.

The horses are sugar cookies with royal icing and the poles are natural white sugar sticks which I painted with edible gold shimmer dust. I also used a 14 inch gold cake drum for the bottom cakes and an 8 inch gold cake drum for the top.

When I placed the horses on the cake I realized I had about a 2 inch gap from the top of the poles to the canopy. So as a last minute improvision I used small gold bows to fill the gap.

It was A LOT of work but well worth it!

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