I had decided to plan my son’s party and make his 2nd birthday cake all based on the Disney Cars movie, because of his love of playing with cars, hot wheels, and anything that generally rolls. We have also watched the movie a couple of times and he seemed to really enjoy it. After looking at numerous pictures and websites I came up with this design of a Cars race track, for it’s simplicity and it being only my 2nd homemade birthday cake, I thought it would be perfect.

I baked 2 round 13″ cakes with boxed batter and made my own butter cream icing. I then trimmed both cakes to fit in the racetrack shape and used the scraps for the hill/bridge. I used cookie crumbs to go over the chocolate (blackish) butter cream.  I basically used cocoa powder and the staple food coloring colors mixed in together to get it as dark as I could.

Note to self when doing the green grass with the grass tip, make sure your icing isn’t cold stiff as it will split the bag, hence my bottom of the cake is just spread with a butter knife and not piped like I had planned, also I had to cover up some of the unfinished grass in the middle with green sprinkles.

I ordered on eBay little Cars cars and colored little checkered flags and cut pieces of my son’s invites for the other flags. The m & m’s were  used just for a pop of color and to create a little separation from the grass and road. All in all I was very proud of this little cake and everyone seemed to really love it. My son Casey loved the chocolate icing and the cars on top.

All I can say is there is nothing better than being able to make a cake on your own for your special little someone, and it is always easier than you think and will always work out.