In a whim, I made a Homemade Casino Roulette Cake for a friend’s 50th birthday party. He usually gambles in Lawrenceburg, IN and I took the time to research the place and made as close to possible replicas of the casino’s tokens. I made them from Sugar Paste and let them sit to dry and used watered down food coloring and a paint brush to paint them the colors they needed to be.

I even went so far as to make the little dice and a white marble on this cake to make it look as if it had been played. Now, the hard to believe part… There is NO FONDANT on this cake. NONE. Making cakes you can slice into and eat right off the plate is my goal when I make a cake… the only part that was hard was the tokens and those were obviously removed to even start to cut the cake.

I had to measure the cake out from the center out and used guidelines on what a roulette table looks like from googling it online. You wouldn’t believe how many versions of this table there are out there! Needless to say, I hit it spot on and Mark was very happy with his cake.