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Coolest Roulette Birthday Cake – 5 Feet Long!

My friend, Nicole and I have been having cakes for friends and family for a little over a year. Our inspiration… Buddy Valstro. We love how he never says no to an idea, even if he knows it’s going to be hard. Well my husband, Sean set me up for a challenge he said, “Hallei you should try and replicate a cake boss cake. Well with his 28th birthday right around the corner I had a plan. My husband and his friends spend guy’s nights out up in Blackhawk, Colorado. So I decided to go with the roulette table and made a coolest Roulette birthday cake – 5 Feet Long!

I had a spinner to use from a poker set we had at the house I decided to build the entire cake around the spinner measuring 10 inches in diameter. I purchased the Wilton 12’ x 18’ cake pan and decided to use my 16’ Wilton circle pan to build the spinner into. The Monday before the party while Sean was sleeping, so he could go work on construction that night, I made over 150 poker chips out of fondant, which I rolled out and cut with a circle cookie cutter. That night while he was at work so I stayed up until about 2 am hand painting black lines on the edge of my poker chips.

To make the paint I took Wilton black icing color and mixed it in a bowl with a couple drops of vanilla, used a decorators brush and a poker chip stencil I printed off the internet. Tuesday, during the day my husband slept having been up all night working, Nicole brought over an industrial 25lb. of cake mix and we got to work. Took all day to cook 4 12’ x 18’ and one Wilton 16” circler for the spinner. That night I started making the red and black circles for the table. As I am making 38 of these circles my 2 year old son decides to come up and take only one bite out of 2 of my circles, I ended up having to remake them later.

Wednesday, I hand painted all 36 numbers onto the red and black circles. To do this I took silver Wilton luster dust mixed it in a bowl with couple drops of vanilla, if you do use this technique just know when painting on fondant the less vanilla the better. If there is too much it is so running and hard to see after you paint. Also on Wednesday, I lined up all the cakes with long ends touching on top of a big piece of card board. Because the cake is so long my table is a four person round table, I had to put the cardboard the cake was on top of a huge piece of ply board. I took about 4 batches of green butter cream icing, since he doesn’t like fondant I tried very hard not to use too much on this cake.

I based iced the whole table measuring 48’ x 18”. Thursday, was Thanksgiving so we took the day off to spend time with family. Friday, it was back to work today was moving day…. yes, moving day. I planned his birthday party at my mother in law’s house because it was bigger. I woke up early and cut part of the 16” circle cake to go right on top of the first 12”x18’ cake. I put the spinner on top and pressed down to give me a line where to cut the whole for the spinner to be placed. Nicole arrived and we figured that was all we could do here and it was time to leave.

Now, before starting this cake I knew it was going to be big but never once did I think about how I was going to get it out of my house. Nicole and I spent about 2 and half hours packing up all the cake supplies we needed and rearranging different things in my house to get the cake out and into the back of a Ford Ranger pickup. Once we got to my mother in law’s house we then had to figure out how to get it in her house without dropping it. We ended up having to go around the house and through the back door. After getting the cake into the house we noticed the green icing I had put on the day before was cracked from the drive in the truck. I started to fix that, while Nicole got to work rolling out the black fondant to cover the cake the spinner sits inside of. She rolled it out into a big circle we cut the bottom part of the circle off, we placed that over the spinner cake after cutting and fixing the sides and edges we cut a straight line across where the whole is for the spinner to go, then we just slid the spinner back into its hole.

Next, we took more black fondant and cut long rectangles to make the edge or elbow board. This was very time consuming because making them all line up the same is very hard with too long of a rectangle. After that we called it a night. Since Sean’s party was the next day we made a plan of attack to get the rest of this week long cake done. Come Saturday morning Sean’s Dad picked him up to work with him for the day (I know I’m so horrible I need him out so I find work for him to do.) Nicole and I headed down to finish getting everything done.

First step on this day was to fix the black and red circles my son had eaten. After that Nicole took a straight edge and made all the lines that where needed as a guide for me to place the red and black circles and also to draw the 1st and 2nd boxes on there as well. Once the guides were done I started adding all the white lines and drawing in the extra stuff. Final step was placing all my wonderful poker chips next to the spinner and of course we had to place some bets. Sean loved it best birthday cake ever! We got such a great reaction with this cake everyone loved it. People came just to see this Roulette birthday cake – 5 Feet Long!. My in-laws were so impressed with our ability with cake. And of course no one believed me it was 5 feet long!!! This was by far the hardest cake I’ve made, I’m so proud of it. Thank you for taking the time to read about my cake and the week long process it took to complete it. Hope you enjoy!!

Coolest Roulette Birthday Cake - 5 Feet Long!

Coolest Roulette Birthday Cake - 5 Feet Long!

Coolest Roulette Birthday Cake - 5 Feet Long!

Coolest Roulette Birthday Cake - 5 Feet Long!

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