Coolest Poker Chip Birthday Cake

I did this Homemade Poker Chip Birthday Cake on a whim for my husband’s poker night because I wanted to try out a new cake recipe. I had been searching around for a recipe that kept the cake more compact when cutting.

This recipe used a box cake but I added a few extra ingredients to add to the density of the cake. The texture was better, but the flavor wasn’t as great as I would have liked. I made two 9″ cakes. I covered one in green fondant and added the white fondant details. The white fondant dots on the sides of the poker chips were made using a big straw to punch out the circles. The other white fondant details were cut out freehand, but cookie cutters could be used.

For the second cake, I carved out part of the middle section for the chip indentation, using a circular lid as my guide. Then I covered it in blue fondant and added the same white fondant details. I set the blue cake onto the green cake, off-setting it slightly so that the green cake’s details could be seen.

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  1. Very creative … hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea – will give you credit for it. On large cake batters, you can use this recipe: Kakeladi’s Original Wasc (White Almond Sour Cream) Cake. Everyone loves the flavor and density of it.


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