Coolest Casino Video Poker Cake

This casino video poker cake was made for a family member who loves the casino, and especially video poker. Made with about 5-6 layers of basic yellow cake. For the height, we might suggest using a loaf pan. It was hand shaped. It is best to cut small pieces at a time, as more can be taken off but not easily added. We used dowel rods to keep cake from toppling over due to height.

It is covered in black icing, made from chocolate. Make sure to make icing a little thick, as black color will thin it out. The screen is made from grey fondant and the cards made from white. We also cut “Mark’s Casino” lettering out of fondant for extra personalization. We later put a beer shaped candle on it, which fit perfectly and just added that much more to the look. Chocolate candy coins were put on the bottom.

Who doesn’t like a chocolate payout? We used jolly ranchers and a battery operated candle for the light on top.