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Coolest Poker Cards Chips Birthday Cake Design 37

I made this Homemade Poker Cards Chips Birthday Cake Design for my dad. He has always loved playing cards or poker.I knew I couldn’t make him a cake with flowers on it, so I looked up some ideas on the internet and found a few with poker chips and cards and put them together. I used 2 8×8 square pans and baked Devils food chocolate cake, baked them and put buttercream icing in the middle of them and stacked them on top of each other. I used more buttercream in the middle of the cake because I was using the Marshmallow fondant to cover the cake.

I made the fondant out of Marshmallows, water, food coloring gel and powdered sugar. I just had to crumb coat the cake for the fondant to stick. I decided to cover it in green because most poker tables are green or black (for some reason when I make black fondant it doesn’t taste the same). I made a few different colors of fondant so I could have different color poker chips.

Once I had the cake covered, I cut out rectangles for the shape of the cards in which I used the age that he was turning 49. Diamonds were easiest to cut out so I went with diamonds for the cards 4 and 9. I used a medicine cup (the little cup that measures the liquid medicine), to cut out the circles for the poker chips. I had little cookie cutters to use for the name and birthday. It was delicious.

My dad loved it, now I have to come up with another idea for a cake this year because he will be expecting something different every year !!

Homemade Poker Cards Chips Birthday Cake Design

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