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Coolest Chameleon Cake

Here is attempt #2 at a cool reptile birthday cake for my son. My other cake is the orange and white Burmese Python Cake on this website. He was having a special reptile party and he wanted a lizard this time so I thought a chameleon cake would be fun. There weren’t a lot of examples on the internet so I kind of just made it up as I went with the help of my wife. I think it turned out pretty well. We’re setting ourselves up for a lot of expectations/work for fancy birthday cakes in the future I’m afraid. Oh well!

I made the body of the chameleon by using a cake made in a standard size bread pan with another cake stacked on top made in a mini-loaf bread pan. I used a crumb coat to stick them together and then shaped the cake by shaving portions off with a bread knife. I used the shaved off portions of cake to create a bony spine. Then I used a crumb coat before applying the fondant. The fondant was colored with green gel food coloring (Wilton brand I think) for the main color and yellow gel food coloring for the spots.

I also sprayed the back/tail with a blue aerosol food coloring spray to give it a little more color. Before applying the fondant I pressed it into a plastic ‘cobblestone’ texture sheet to give it a look that resembles lizard scales to me (a little different than snake scales). I rolled out the yellow pieces of fondant into thin sheets before putting it on top of the green and then applied the texture and it made the scales stand out because the green showed through a little bit more that way.

The head, legs, and most of the tail is made of shaped rice crispy treats held together with toothpicks (it didn’t hold together really well). I used ping pong balls covered in fondant for the eyes. I poked a hole in the fondant covering each eye and colored the pupils with a black sharpie marker. I used pure fondant for the curled tip of the tail and for the hands of the chameleon as well. I used dark blue food coloring for the mouth.

It turned out OK considering we didn’t plan it out too well. Overall prep time was about 5 or 6 hours.

Homemade Chameleon Cake

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