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Coolest Crocodile Birthday Cake

I was asked to do a Crocodile Birthday Cake for a friend’s little boy for his 5th birthday. The request, ”a green crocodile, the whole body (not just the head), mouth closed, shaped like a crocodile.”

This cake was carved out of a single 9×13” chocolate cake. I had searched the internet for crocodile pictures, and this site for other cake examples, and in the end, I traced the cake pan onto a big piece of paper, sketched the body shape within the rectangle, cut out the picture, and placed the picture onto the rectangular cake. I outlined the crocodile shape by poking holes around the edges of the picture, so when I removed the picture, I could carve out the shape with a knife by ‘connecting the dots’.

Once the shape was cut out, I rounded the edges of the head, legs & tail so that the body would be thicker and the other body pieces would taper off to look more like a crocodile. I didn’t do this carving on a frozen cake as is often recommended, but rather used a sharp knife and carved it very slowly, pressing the cake with my free hand as I shaped it.

To ice this cake, I covered the whole thing with a layer of icing (thin consistency so easy to spread) and all the crumbs got mixed up in this layer. I let this layer harden in the fridge, so all the crumbs were trapped in the icing. Then, I used a wide, flat tip, and squeezed out little square shapes to cover the entire body with ‘scales’.

For the eyes, I rolled a ball of white icing between my hands, set it on the head, covered it with more scales, and added a bit of black icing to the white eyeball. For the teeth, I had scraped out the icing scales in the shape of the mouth, then filled in the mouth by squeezing out white triangle teeth with a small round tip. I then took very thin, grey icing (like liquid paint consistency) and with a pointed instrument, I outlined each tooth.

I was very excited when I figured out how to do the scales, had a great time making this cake, and the little boy was absolutely delighted and his mom said was proud to bring his birthday cake into school!

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  1. looks more like an aligator thn a crocodile. haha, a 5 yr old won’t care though, nice job. Crocs have narrower snouts and tails.


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