Coolest Cinderella Cake

I had to make 2 cakes at the same time so this one is a little messy. This Cinderella cake was for a little red head turning 7. I wanted to make something she could keep from the cake. The carriage was her keepsake. It is 100% edible.

The carriage was much harder than it had to be. I wanted everything to be edible and decided to try to make a round hollow ball out of sugar to make the carriage. It is not worth the time! Use a Styrofoam ball and cover it in fondant, it will save you allot of time and frustration. Then decorate the carriage with Chocolate using candy melts in a piping bag. I used a #3 tip. The rest of the cake was very simple.

-cut diamonds and lined them around the cake

-Chocolate swirls on fondant and base

-chocolate wheels made on parchment freehand

-Cut flowers and use a brush of water to stick

-put dots of chocolate with piping bag in flowers and on swirls

I made MM Fondant and frosted the cake with a mix of Whip cream and a box of pudding. I used Chocolate pudding for the bottom with Strawberry cake and vanilla pudding with the yellow cake on the top.

When I made the MM Fondant I added the food coloring during the melting step. It made the mess non staining and I did not have to wear gloves.


16oz Marshmallow (small melts faster than the camp size)

Lots of shortening for counter and hands

2tbs of shortening

2-3 tbs water (I mix with my desired color)

2 1b Bag of shortening

Can melt in double boiler but I found it is smoother if you use the microwave with a glass bowl stir every min.

FROSTING (light and not too sweet and stands at room temp)no need to refrigerate!

1 lg container of whip Cream (fat free OK)

1 Sm Box of instant pudding (any flavor)

I use this 5x for 12in 3layer and 4x for 10 in three layer Square cakes.


I used regular box cake without pudding or butter recipe. For every 2-3 boxes of cake I used 1 box of pound cake to make the cake stronger; fondant is very heavy.


2 chocolate box + 1 pound cake 10in

3 Strawberry and 1 pound cake (this was my first time using strawberry cake mix. I had to make it twice because the cake fell apart coming out of the pan. If you take the extra step to line the pan with cooking spray and PARCHMENT you will save allot of time. This way if the parchment is left long enough to hang over the sides it can just be lifted out onto a cooling rack. No flipping means less chances of cracking.

Coolest Cinderella Cake

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  1. Thank you Jackie for making this cake for Krissy. She truly did feel like a princess on her 7th birthday! You are the greatest friend!


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