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Coolest Cinderella Carriage Cake Design

My daughter is crazy about princesses. I made her a Snow White cupcake tower last year, and this year she wanted a Cinderella Carriage Cake Design. I browsed through many books and served the net, and found a Cinderella Carriage design by Debbie Brown and decided to try it.

I used the Wilton sports ball pan to get the basic shape for the carriage. I covered the cake board with green fondant and flatten balls of brown fondant across a strip of the board to create a cobbled stone path. I then placed the cake on the “path”. I covered the cake with butter cream and white fondant. Using a fondant tool, I created “pumpkin” like indentation.

To create the details on the carriage, I tried the pastillage recipe by Debbie Brown. But probably because of my inexperience or the humid weather here, I couldn’t get the sugar paste wheels and and chassis to stay in place. They crack and broke so easily. So I improvised with silver foil for the chassis. For the wheels, I wrapped digestive biscuits with white and brown fondant.

In the end, while the carriage does not have delicate details like Debbie Brown’s, I think it turned out ok. I don’t have confidence making fondant characters, so I just used my daughter’s toy figurines instead.

As we were having a large party, the carriage cake would not be enough for everyone. So I baked 2 dozens of cupcakes to go along. To avoid distracting attention from the main carriage cake, I used simple swirls on the cupcakes, put some sprinkles, and place simple crowns and heart shapes sugar topping on the cupcakes.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the final result. All our guests were impressed with the cake. More importantly, was the look of sheer happiness on my daughter’s face when she saw her cake. It made all the hard work worth it.

Coolest Cinderella Carriage Cake Design

4 thoughts on “Coolest Cinderella Carriage Cake Design”

  1. and that’s all that matters! You did an excellent job on this beautiful Cinderella carriage. Making the children smile and feel how high in esteem you hold them, makes every bit of struggle to get it ‘just right’ worthwhile. You did a great job!!

  2. The cake is gorgeous and my daughter wants a similar cake for her birthday. Which Debbie Brown book had this cake?

    Thanks so much!

  3. Sorry, didn’t see your question earlier. It’s Debbie Brown’s Fairy Tale Cakes. It’s quite an old book, so I think the book may already be out of print.

  4. This is really interesting when i was three my great aunt made me a four tier Cinderella cake with a carriage, a roadway, and a castle the whole scene. ironically enough my name is also Lauren. It was a beautiful cake. she was well known for her cakes and passed away a couple years ago thank you for reminding me of her!


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