Coolest Superman Cake

This Superman cake was a welcome home cake for a soldier returning home from Iraq. I had seen a cake with a city drawn on the side and thought it would be cool to give it a comic book look with the use of color flow.

This cake is 100% edible but color flow does not taste good. I mixed a large batch of color flow by the directions on the can. I separated into small dishes and added color. I left the one for outline thick and watered down the other colors to fill in. I first designed the buildings on Power Point with simple shapes. I also enlarged an Superman shield I found online. I printed them in color and used them as a template. I taped it to my table and then taped a long sheet of wax paper over it. I outlined the building, windows, and clouds and let set for a few hours. I did this with a piping bag with a small tip. If the tip is too big it will be too hard to shape.

I then filled in all of the color. Don’t do this too thin or it will break when you handle it. This needs at least 2 to 3 days to dry! I tried to remove it after 1.5 days and the bottom stuck to the wax paper because it had not dried all the way through. You can also do this with Chocolate but the fill will not be as smooth, but it would taste great.

We had planned on putting a flying superman coming out of the side of the cake over the city. I was going to put him on a stick by attaching it to his underside and put it into the cake. We could not find any superman figurines. Hulk was on its way to theaters so that was all that was in stock.

I made MM Fondant and frosted the cake with a mix of Whip cream and a box of pudding. I used Chocolate pudding for the top with Chocolate cake and vanilla pudding with the yellow cake on the bottom.

When I made the MM Fondant I added the food coloring during the melting step. It made the mess non staining and I did not have to wear gloves.


16oz Marshmallow (small melts faster than the camp size)

Lots of shortening for counter and hands

2tbs of shortening

2-3 tbs water (I mix with my desired color)

2 1b Bag of shortening

Can melt in double boiler but I found it is smoother if you use the microwave with a glass bowl stir every min.

Knead in powdered sugar 2 cups at a time (grease your hands)

FROSTING (light and not too sweet and stands at room temp)no need to refrigerate!

1 lg container of whip Cream (fat free OK)

1 Sm Box of instant pudding (any flavor)

I use this 4x for 10in 3layer and 3x for 8 in three layer.


I used regular box cake without pudding or butter recipe. For every 2-3 boxes of cake I used 1 box of pound cake to make the cake stronger; fondant is very heavy.


2 chocolate box + 1 pound cake (had a little extra for cup cakes; great to keep the kids away)


3 yellow cakes and 1 pound cake

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  1. This cake looks awesome my husband is returning from Iraq and he LOVES Superman. Omg he would love this cake. I dont have the skills for a cake like that I


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