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Cool Homemade Cinderella Carriage Cake Design

This Cinderella Carriage Cake Design was created using the Wilton ball pan. The base of the carriage as well as the wheels was created entirely from white chocolate. The base was then covered in pink fondant.

I created the wheels by using a large round cookie cutter and placing a small heart cookie cutter in the middle. I then poured the white chocolate, and once hardened I removed the cookie cutters and poured the pink chocolate into the heart shape.

The roses and small pink/yellow flowers were created with royal icing (I created them about a week ahead of time to ensure they were hardened). The windows were cut from rolled fondant. The entire cake was iced using buttercream icing colored pink. I used a medium size star tip to ice the entire cake. The large heart on the top was also created using white chocolate and a small heart cookie cutter.

The pink curlies were made from royal icing and dried. The base, curlies and wheels were put together using white chocolate, this makes great glue. Therefore the entire cake, base and all were entirely edible.

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  1. I have looked all over youtube for instructions for a carriage cake because it is usually easier for me to watch and then do, but your instructions were perfect. Thanks for sharing. It is gorgeous.


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