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Cool Homemade Circus Tent Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday we had a circus theme. The Circus Cake was baked in 2 round pans and both were cut in half to make 4 layers. The fillings were lemon and cherry with chocolate cake. The icing was buttercream coloured yellow and red icing out of a tube (as I quickly found out at 2 am that no matter how much red food colouring you add to white icing you won’t ever get red – only VERY pink icing). The black for the ring outline was icing gel.

I purchased a circus cake topper set and made the top out of red poster board, cut out yellow foam pieces and topped with a little flag with my son’s initial on it. The poles are bbq sticks with red ribbon wound around them. There was even a little trapeze artist hanging from the roof glued to a toothpick.

The kids went wild – it was a very big cake! It was pretty easy to make and it looks impressive. The inspiration came from my sister – so thanks MJ!

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  1. Love your cake. Going to use parts of it this month for a friends son.
    I am making a spiderman cake this week for another friend’s son. Already tested red icing. I used strawberry icing from a can as my base and added red gel to it. It came out red. Also when making black icing. Start with a darker base first. I found that out for my grandsons’ cake. I use chocolate fudge and then add the black dye to it. It comes out black.


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