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Homemade Coffee Cup Cake Idea

I used a metal bowl to bake the Coffee Cup Cake in. It does take a little longer to cook than a normal cake pan.

Once I let it cool, I iced the bottom of the cake first piping on the lines to decorate my coffee cup. Then I flipped it around so that the bottom was on the cake stand. I actually set the stand on the top and then flipped the whole cake and cooling rack over.

Then I iced the top. I used chocolate icing for the coffee which I mixed some coffee granules and some food coloring to make it darker (and coffee flavored). Then I built up the lip around the cup smoothing it into the sides so that it would look seamless. Although a little lip is okay because that’s what my cups look like.

I used 2 Twizzlers for the handles. I tried tootsie rolls (the giant ones but they wouldn’t hold their shape long) and then stuck them in the cake using toothpicks to hold them in place and iced them (very carefully) to match the rest of the cake.

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  1. This cake is super creative and clever. I like the use of Twizzlers for the handle (I was wondering how that was done.) And I really like that you thought of adding a bit of coffee flavor to the “coffee” in the “cup.” Thanks for posting this!


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