Cool Homemade Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Decorated with Ziploc Bags

My son has an allergy to eggs so we found a great Chocolate Cake recipe on

We just used food colouring and white vanilla icing to make the decorations. I didn’t have a decorating kit so I used Ziploc bags with a small corner cut out of it. Easy to fill and toss, no mess. The smaller the hole, the thinner the lettering. (I Should have practiced first on a piece of paper! Will do next time).

I just covere with blue icing and used a fork to make the fur effect like you were combing it’s hair. Wish I could have cooled the icing a bit so the details would show more. Used gummies for his eyes and a real cookie.

The egg-less and milk-less chocolate cake turned out fluffy and better than box cake mixes.