Cute Homemade Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

This Homemade Cookie Monster Birthday Cake is a cake I made for my husband’s birthday. He really likes Cookie Monster. I thought it would be fun to sit Cookie Monster on a giant ice cream cookie.

The cake was a lot harder. After baking the pieces from a giant cupcake mold, I fashioned them into this wonderful Cookie Monster. I had the bottom half of cookie monster from the bottom of the cupcake form. The top was a lot of shaping (after the cake was frozen) and adding a couple small pieces here and there.

The frosting was very difficult to get it to the right color blue. LOTS of food coloring. I had no black food coloring, so I mixed blue and purple. The eyes are just frosting made into a ball shape and frozen.

For the fur, I used a fork to make it look similar to fur. After the “fur” was done, I had made some small chocolate chip cookies that were cut and attached to cookie monsters hand and in front of his foot.

Overall the most fun I have had making a cake in a while.

Homemade Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

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