We wanted a 3-D Cookie Monster cake for our son’s first birthday. Local bakeries were unable to make a 3-D one so we used the Wilton 3-D cake pan to make this cake. I baked it according to the directions in the booklet.

I used one box of pound cake mix and one box of 2-layer cake mix. After cooling for an entire day, my husband iced the cake. Before icing, my husband cut out a mouth and removed the bears ears sliding them closer together to form the cookie monsters eyes. We attached the eyes into the cake using toothpicks. Using Wilton royal blue icing mixed into regular vanilla frosting it took about a half hour to ice the entire cake. We used the Wilton decorating gun with the smaller flower tip.

I then baked a large chocolate chip cookie using a round cake pan to serve as the base of the cake. I didn’t have any cookies in the house so we used a 100 calorie chocolate chip cookie for Cookie Monster to hold and the size worked out perfectly.

This cake was not difficult to make and turned out perfectly for our son’s first birthday. We got great pictures of him smashing it, priceless!