Coolest Cross Country Course Cake

This Cross Country Course Cake was made for my children’s cross country banquet!

It is 2 11×15 cakes baked and placed side by side! I made the signs a few days before as I also did the trees.

Trees- green buttercream, I used the leaf tip #352 and sugar cones and started at the bottom and made my way to the top, leaving a little space to be able to pick them up and place them on the cake. There are some trees with trunks and those were just brown fondant rolled then and wrapped around the dowel and sealed with gum glue!

The lake was carved out prior to icing the cake! The ‘water’ is piping gel tinted blue!

I laid and iced the track with brown buttercream and the 789 tip! I laid the track first then added the green grass around it! The other way may be better and a little easy though! After laying the track, I iced the surrounding/remaining cake green. I then placed the trees, and after placement, finished icing the top with the tip 352.

The grass patches were with the grass tip 233, and then accented with red to create berries with tip 4!

The ‘water’ was then placed in the lake and the signs placed along the course. Border placed along lower border with green and tip 21!

I loved this cake!